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Financial Assistance

ADP-Assistive Devices Program 

The Assistive Devices Program (ADP) of the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care provides funding assistance for compression garments and sleeves for chronic lymphedema management as well as sequential extremity pumps for primary lymphedema management. Any resident of Ontario with a valid Ontario health card is eligible to apply. The ADP pays 75% of the approved cost. Those receiving benefits from certain social assistance programs may be eligible for 100% funding of the approved cost. Lymphedema compression garments may be replaced, as needed, to a maximum of three sets of two outfits each within a 12 month period. An Application for Funding Pressure Modification Devices form can be obtained from an ADP registered authorizer or vendor or downloaded and printed from the ADP website.

Step 1: Assessment

For first access, for garments and sleeves, you must be assessed by a medical specialist in the area of vascular surgery, orthopaedic surgery, radiation or medical oncology, internal medicine, paediatrics, plastic surgery or general surgery. A General Practitioner in Oncology or a Gynecological Oncologist may also provide this assessment. The specialist will determine your diagnosis. On an ongoing basis, your family physician can complete your assessment and the ADP form that is required every two years or if you have a change in medical condition.

For sequential extremity pumps, you must be assessed at an ADP registered Lymphedema Clinic.

Step 2: ADP Registered Authorizer

An ADP registered authorizer will complete your clinical assessment to determine the type of lymphedema management devices you require. Authorizers are Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Registered Massage Therapists and Registered Nurses who are registered with the ADP.

Step 3: ADP Registered Certified Fitter

Compression garments, sleeves and pumps require a Certified Fitter registered with the ADP for assessment and fitting.

Step 4: ADP Registered Vendor

Compression garments, sleeves and pumps need to be purchased from an ADP registered vendor.

Replacement Devices

For replacement of your devices there are different procedures in place, depending on type of device and the reason for the replacement. The authorizer and/or certified fitter can provide you with the applicable details.


For detailed information about the ADP and to access the most current list of ADP registered vendors, you may check the ADP website at:

For information about ADP registered authorizers or lymphedema clinics, you may email the ADP at

Alternately, you may call the ADP at 416-327-8804,
toll free at 1-800-268-6021 or TTY at 1-800-387-5559.

Special thanks to the ADP for providing this information.

Lymphedema Related Costs

Comprehensive lymphedema treatment is not covered by Ontario Healthcare. However, government support is only one source of funding patients should explore.

Insurance Providers

The coverage provided by specific employee-based health benefits and private insurance programs varies greatly. Manual lymph drainage is usually reimbursed under the categories of physiotherapy, occupational therapy, registered massage therapy or sometimes nursing care. If submitted expenses are refused by your insurance provider, it is prudent to challenge the decision by speaking with a program administrator and sending them information about lymphedema. A letter of support from your therapist or physician may also help your claim.

Income Tax Deductions

Certain medical expenses can be itemized as deductions on your income tax return to help reduce the amount of income tax you pay. Examples of eligible costs are: 

  • Unpaid balance of expenses for treatment/supplies not covered by ADP or insurance
  • Travel expenses related to MLD treatment
  • Purchase of compression short stretch bandaging supplies

For more information on allowable expenses, refer to the Canada Customs and Revenue website ( under forms and publications.

Community Support

Some community groups provide financial assistance for cancer related expenses to low income individuals. Check for an extensive database on local community services available. You can also check with the Canadian Red Cross, Hope Air, your local parish, Kiwanis, Lions or Rotary Club in your neighbourhood. 

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