The Garment Fund 

We are pleased to announce that we launched the pilot Garment program to compliment our Compassion Fund. This program is available to all LAO member therapists across Ontario for 2022. 

Patients are welcome to apply, with an LAO member Therapist or Retailer/Fitter providing the referral. The Fund will be of benefit to both patients and LAO registered therapists and practitioners. 

When practitioners see a patient who is in need and cannot pay for garments, they can nominate them for consideration to the Garment program. 

Things you need to know:

  • Funds raised each year will determine how much money will go into the Garment program, as well as how many recipients can be granted financial assistance. 
  • All requests for funds are to be reviewed and approved by the Program Manager in conjunction with the LAO Board of Directors 
  • LAO will pay up to $250 for garments, once per patient. If we can assist the patient with garments from Inventory – there will be no charge (free) No returns or exchanges.
  • A doctor’s prescription is required prior to sending out.
  • For garments that require measurement and fittings – a Retailer/Fitter must be engaged.
  • The application form needs to be filled out and submitted.

    To Apply:

    • Please download the combined application and consent form here
    • Please email the completed application/consent form to: 
    • Any confidential, financial information can be sent by mail if you wish to the address below:

    Please find the Garment request form below-

    LAO leg garment request form.xlsx

    Lymphedema Association of Ontario Compassion Fund

    262-2869 Bloor St. W

    Toronto, Ontario

    M8X 1B3

    If you have more questions please contact us at the 

     Compassion Fund Email

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