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Challenge Lymphedema 2022:

Virtual Fundraiser

We are pleased to share that we are hosting another virtual fundraiser for 2022 - Are YOU willing to participate?



The challenge?  Whatever you want it to be!

Are you an avid walker, reader, cyclist, swimmer, yogi, or knitter? 

For this years Virtual Fundraiser, we challenge YOU to do whatever it is that you LOVE and help us to raise much needed funds for the LAO at the same time.

Join us on September 12th!

Our Goals and Areas that need Support

1. We are launching a Garment Program pilot on Sept 12-Dec 31 2022 to provide garments to those in need and to enhance our already existing, and well received, Compassion Fund program. This will be a partnership with our valuable Corporate members and Therapists. More details will be provided closer to the launch date.

2. Compassion Fund. The intention of this Fund is to provide some treatment and teach self management of the condition to patients that need financial assistance

3. Info-line support: We recorded an increase in the number of calls to our support line and we need to track and analyze the data, for creating a business case to present to the Ministry of Health to advocate on behalf of patients 

3. Webinars and Virtual Support Groups: Continuing to provide webinars to educate and raise awareness to the LE community as well as provide a community of support for patients. 

Help us to meet our goal to provide all of these services to the often overlooked Lymphedema Community

We want to raise $20,000 for these

programs and initiatives by the beginning of 2023

And post your progress and activities on your preferred social media platform using the #ChallengeLymphedema hashtag and #LAO

or send us your images and updates directly by Email 

For our non virtual givers, you can give them this Printable form to be mailed in

Upcoming events

No events available

Dear Members,

I am sorry let you know that I tested positive for COVID last week and have been sick in bed since then. A few days ago, my husband also tested positive - there was no escaping this.  Three to four days of fever, sore throat and tiredness.  I had some enforced rest and sleep and feel better for it. My family doctor prescribed Paxlovid which I believe has helped me.  I am feeling better as I write this letter. I meant to write this after the AGM but could not get to it. 

The AGM on July 19th, 2022 met quorum and all of the required Resolutions were approved.  So we are now left with the paperwork to file and put everything in order. Many thanks to Don Bourgeois, our Lawyer who guided us through this process and also attended the AGM to answer questions.

We will be posting the Q & A on our website shortly and you can view at this link. The presentation by Dr. Lucasz Boba was extremely well received - thank you to Dr. Boba for volunteering his time.  We will not be sharing the presentation or the recording, however, we are hoping to invite Dr. Boba back to do a webinar at a later date.

Thank you to all Members who exercised their rights and registered and voted.  As you know this is an important task that is required of members, as we need quorum in order to have the AGM.  So Patients and Therapists, please do stay tuned and keep current on all the activities that are happening.

LAO Updates for August

Some important dates to keep in mind:

VSG - August 4th - completed. Thank you to Maddie Simone RMT for educating patients on creams.

August Membership Drive for Therapists and Retailers/Fitters. Please spread the word.

We are offering new Retailers/Fitters a $100 discount on the current membership fee - this is good to January 31st, 2023 when the membership renews. The sooner you sign up the better, so you can access all the benefits that the LAO offers.

We are also offering new therapists a $50.00 discount on the regular fee. The membership is good to the end of January 31st, when it renews.  The sooner you sign up the better so you can access the benefits the LAO offers.

Virtual Fundraiser launch is September 15th, please sign up here to participate as a team. The Canada Helps page has been set up, so you can register your Team here. This year we will be fundraising for the Compassion Fund and General Funds.  A contribution to the General Funds ensures that we continue to subsidize the Patient membership fees. Like most other organizations, we have faced and will be facing, added costs.  

We are also piloting "The Garment Program" starting Sept 15th to coincide with the VF. This pilot will start Sept 15th and run to December 31st, 2022.  Details are being worked out.  I am sure most of you will have read the recent Pathways magazine, where the CLF provided information on how each Canadian Province provides assistance to patients with Lymphedema.  Sadly, there is still no funding for treatment and also for the garments that we need to manage our Lymphedema.  We have decided to do something about it!! We have partnered with our Corporate members, Retailers and Fitters and Therapists to some funding to provide garments, bandages to people who cannot afford to purchase. We will be adding this to our current Compassion Fund application for approval on a case by case basis.

Please let us know if you can help us in any way - there is no time to lose. 

The time is now. Join us and let's get it done. 


Dolores Steinwall

President of The Lymphedema Association of Ontario

Member Stories

Please continue to share your stories with us so that we can feature them in the next newsletter. 

To keep up to date with community Lymphedema news, events from other organizations, and resources, please click here for our page "Other Lymphedema News"

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