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  Minutes Lymphedema Association of Ontario Annual General Meeting – June 11, 2020 – 6 pm

June 11, 2020 - Minutes of LAO held virtually by Zoom due to Covid-19 Pandemic health considerations

Physical attendance:  None; Members attended by Zoom; one by phone

Attendance of Board Members and Administrative Assistant - by Zoom: Dolores Steinwall, Board Director and President; Rob Caparelli, Board Director and Treasurer; Tony Wight, Board Director and Secretary; Charlotte Schultz, Board Director; Sara Waddell, Administrative Assistant

Welcome and opening remarks: Dolores Steinwall acted as Chair and called the Meeting to order. Tony Wight acted as Secretary to the meeting. 

Quorum:  Dolores announced that Quorum was reached.

Introduction of Current Board of Directors: Dolores introduced the current Board Members: Dolores Steinwall, Rob Caparelli, Tony Wight and Charlotte Schultz.

Introduction of Support Staff - Dolores:  Our new Administrator, Sara Waddell, and our Bookkeeper, Rachelle Macdonald, were introduced.

Advisory Committee Members - Dolores: - The following have been appointed to the new Advisory Committee:  Ann DiMenna, Sophia White, Jaclyn Jones, Janet Vanderveen and Tony Schultz.

Approval of Resolutions – Dolores:  As part of the AGM attendance registration process, attendees were sent a ballot and asked to vote on the following (numbers 5, 6 and 7 are Resolutions passed by the Board of Directors subject to approval by Members, copies of which are appended to these Minutes):   

  1. Acceptance of Agenda for LAO Annual General Meeting June 11th, 2020

  2. Approval of Previous LAO 2019 AGM Minutes

  3. Appointment of Melissa Coulson as Chartered Professional Accountant for LAO YE 2020 Statements Approval

  4. Approval of LAO YE 2020 Financial Statements

  5. Name Change - as per Schedule 1*

  6. By-Law Revision - Board Member Qualifications – as Per Schedule 2*

  7. By-Law Revision - Members meetings Quorum – as Per Schedule 3*

                                            (*available on AGM webpage)

Dolores declared that each of the above were approved by a majority of voting Members.

Former Board Member – Dolores: Former Board Directors Jaclyn Jones and Ana Stosic have retired from the Board and are thanked for their efforts on behalf of the LAO.

Report  by President – Dolores:  Significant accomplishments during the past fiscal year  were highlighted (including the Six Things a Patient Should Know About Lymphedema card, launching E-Newsletter, four successful fundraising events and creation of Provincial Association Committee) as well as new ones for the current year (adding Medical Advisory Committee, reviewing Compassion Fund with small task force of therapists for feedback prior to activating, forming  small task force to launch  support group for patients,  organizing fund raising events for including virtual runs and walks in different locations).

Recognition of Founding Members of LAO -Dolores:  Cathy Cotton, Glen and Margaret Gagan, Ruby Kreindler, Pamela Hilliard and Kim Gagan were recognized and thanked for establishing LAO.

Financial Review of Financial Statements by Treasurer - Rob Caparelli - Financial Statements for  YE 2020 fiscal year were reviewed and the Comparative Balance Sheet, Statement of Operations and Changes in Fund Balances, and Statement of Cash Flows were reviewed. LAO had a strong financial year and certain significant points in the Statements were highlighted. The Financial Statements were approved in the balloting and similarly Melissa Coulson was approved as the Chartered Professional Accountant Auditor for the LAO YE 2021 Financial Statements approval.   

Report on Infoline - Sara Waddell: A series of informative pie-charts was reviewed to illustrate changes in the demographics observed in recent years respecting Infoline callers. Voicemail engagements and email and social media have almost doubled.

Report by Director Advocacy - Charlotte Schultz:  LAO is involved with a Masters Students assignment (at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto) to identify our Infoline goals and the scope of Infoline users to help improve the program. Once the project approved, an implementation action plan will be prepared.

Report on Events by Treasurer - Rob Caparelli:  Several successful fundraising events were held (including Toronto Scotiabank Marathon, October 20 - approximately $3,000 raised; Windsor/Lasalle Walk, September 22 - $3752 raised; “Walk with Dee”, October 6 - approximately $3000 raised; and Luigi’s Hockey Game in Ottawa (December - $2200 raised).

Report on Awareness - Tony Wight:  several awareness events gave us an opportunity to speak with patients, caregivers, and health care professionals and MPPs to share LAO goals including Breast Reconstruction Day at Edwards Gardens (October 16); Florence Winberg Education Series (“Managing your Lymphedema”) at Sunnybrook/Odette Cancer Centre (March 3); Mayoral Proclamations of World Lymphedema Day/Lymphedema Awareness Day (March 6) in five Ontario cities;  Information Booths at 14 Hospitals; and Queen’s Park Visit (December 11).

Question Period – Sara Waddell:  Questions could be raised online by attendees or through Chat; some were answered immediately, answers to others to be posted on our website. 

Special Guest Speaker -Dr. Robert Rutledge, Radiation Oncologist in Halifax specializing in breast, prostate and pediatric cancers and Associate Professor in the Faculty of Medicine, Dalhousie University. His informative and practical presentation was entitled “How Understanding Your Brain Can Help Empower your Life”. 

Meeting adjourned at 8:10 p.m.

[ note – Schedules 1, 2 and 3 to be attached to minutes ]Click link to access schedules

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